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Pilates of Summerville

Pilates of Summerville is a full service studio located downtown Summerville, SC offering a caring, certified staff. We offer personalized attention and top of the line Pilates equipment.

We are committed to carry on in the classical traditions of Joseph H. Pilates, and to deliver the highest quality of wellness services.

Whether you are looking for a new workout system or wanting to improve your posture, whatever your needs, we want to help empower you to take control of your health through the Pilates method.The Pilates method will increase your strength, tone your body, decompress your joints, improve flexibility and range of motion, boost circulation and stimulate your mind.

"Changing the world, one vertebrae at a time"

Joseph H Pilates


Pilates of Summerville

Jane Ellis


Jane is the owner of Pilates of Summerville.

She received her certification as a full instructor in The Mat Work and Apparatus of Joseph Pilates with Pilates Unlimited, LLC. She has been teaching for over 10 years and while she is passionate about teaching, she is a passionate student who continues to expand her knowledge with continuing educational workshops.

She traveled abroad with her husband's job to Dubai where she began attending a Pilates Master Training program and taught internationally at a Pilates Studio there. These combined experiences have afforded her numerous learning opportunities.

Her passion is sharing the life changing benefits of Pilates and seeing her clients progress.

Daniela Reichert

Advanced Certified Pilates Instructor

Daniela was born in Germany and has had a passion for health and fitness since she was young.

She discovered Pilates due to back and knee injuries. She was so impressed with the results she wanted to learn more.

She completed two comprehensive Pilates trainings with over 1,000 credit hours. She also completed a Personal Training education with a specialty in nutrition and sport injuries in Germany.

Her passion is helping others achieve their goals. You will feel her positive energy, patience and kindheartedness in every class.

Pilates of Summerville Rates

Introductory Special

  • The best way to begin Pilates. 3 Private Lessons covering the fundamentals of Pilates and preparing you for all classes. Recommended for all new students.

Private Lessons

  • One on One session on all Apparatus. Suggested for beginners or anyone wanting 100% attention of the instructor. Scheduled by appointment.
  • Package of 5 - $300
  • Package of 10 - $550

Semi-Private (Duet)

Utilizes all equipment- $35/ea
  • Ideal for 2 people who want to begin their Pilates training together. Scheduled by appointment.
  • Package of 5 - $325 ($162/ea)
  • Package of 10 - $600 ($300/ea)

Reformer Class

Single Class
  • Small group class utilizing reformer, chair and tower. This is a fast paced class designed for clients with prior Pilates experience. 3 person limit, scheduled in advance.
  • Package of 10 - $250


I am recovering from a longstanding neck injury/trauma and seeing Jane of Pilates of Summerville has been integral in safely strengthening and re-educating my body in a pain-free way. This is NOT a gym workout, but sooo much more! Not only is this important from releasing holding patterns, etc that come with an injury, it is also important for maintaining and achieving optimal posture and awareness, even if you haven't had an injury. The one on one instruction coupled with the modifications Jane recognizes are like none other.  You will not be disappointed with Pilates of Summerville. Thank you!!! Kimberly Kreft OTR/L

Being able to work with all three instructors at Pilates of Summerville has been a huge blessing to me.  Whether in single or duet sessions, they have worked diligently to gear workouts to my specific needs and capabilities.  As a result, my core strength has improved and I’m less fearful of losing my balance.  I’ve found muscles I never knew existed and, and as a result, relieved joint pains I’d been living with for years.

No matter your age or current physical state, Pilates of Summerville can make a huge impact on your health and quality of life-For Life!

For the last 5 months, I have been a regular client at Pilates of Summerville.  In my mid-sixties, I found I was not able to do many of the things I hoped to do once I retired.  First and foremost was to be able to easily get in and out of our new kayaks without ending up in the creek!  Not a simple task… DD


Pilates of Summerville has a private studio located in downtown Summerville.

Address & Map

Pilates of Summerville
410 N Gum Street
Summerville, SC